A unique investment product.

For the duration of each month, we accept the membership of all the new investors and monthly aggregate them to the pool of investors already active.

The characteristics of the product offered are:

* Guarantee of 100% on investment

* Interest of 5% per month on invested capital

* Minimum investment of € 500,00

* One-off 5% administrative cost.

* Bond contract for 12 months

* Possibility of renewal at at the end of the contract without additional costs

Business For All chose the word of mouth to publicize their product.

In our Company we strongly believe that the satisfaction of our clients is our best advertisement, which is why we have introduced a bonus program for all clients who want to share our product with friends and acquaintances.

For every new investor brought we immediately recognize to our client a one-time bonus of 3% of the amount paid by new clients, plus a monthly bonus of 1% of the same amount invested.

We didn't limit this bonus program only to clients presented directly, but we decided to recognize bonuses for the whole group of new investors that came from the word of mouth created.

These bonuses are recognized on a monthly basis, reaching the fifth level of word of mouth and are equivalent to 0.5% of the capital invested by each client of the group.

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