Sistema Libertad Para La Disfunción Eréctil I do not recommend that you tell the other women you are writing to or meeting that you intend to pursue other women. Some of them may figure this out on their own or will assume that you are writing to or meeting other women.

Really they don't want to know about other women. Don't tell them what they don't want to hear. If they ask you, don't lie. But don't volunteer any information except that you are serious about your goal to find a woman that you want to marry.

Don't tell her you are going to see someone else after meeting her. Remember, any information can and will be used against you.

My future wife interrogated me about meeting other women when I first met her. After badgering me for a long time, I told her the truth - yes, I was meeting other women.

When I told her the truth she became very upset. After we were married, she still brings this point up in our arguments. Système Délivrance

From my standpoint, my intentions in meeting other women were relatively pure. I could understand her being upset if I were sleeping with all these women. But I was not. I was just interviewing them.

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